Welcome to Philomusica, the musical home of J S Kingfisher! Here be the place where songs be writ, and fine records be made! It’s chill, it’s hip, it sounds great—come find, come make some music with us!



J S Kingfisher—Jeff—is a composer, arranger, producer, and engineer, as well as a keyboardist and vocalist. (Hear some of the music made by Jeff at Philomusica in the audio player in the sidebar.) If you’re looking to turn your music into a sound, Philomusica's the place, and Jeff’s your man.



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In addition to the above, Jeff is the creator of Muzoracle: The Tarot of Music, and Swenakailo, the self-counseling and sound immersion practice that grew out of it.  When he’s not recording and producing, he’s working with clients along those lines. Set up a session with him and discover the unique, rejuvenating, and inspiring experience that is Swenakailo.