Welcome to Philomusica Palm Springs—a delight for those who make music, and for those who love to listen! Lay your hands upon exotic electronics, such as the theremin, the Haken Continuum, and the harpejji; seduce into song a wide selection of quartz crystal and tibetan bowls, and magical and dreamy handpans. There’s didgeridoos, ukuleles, crystal flutes, melodicas, harmonicas, kalimbas, hand drums, small percussion… ‘Tis a garden of sonic delights. 


In the musical game department, you’ll find composer J S Kingfisher’s award-winning Muzundrum and Musician’s Dice—come in and meet him, he’ll show you how to play. In the book department, there’s musical biographies, musical fiction, and guides to music of all sorts; in the film department, there's musicals, musical biopics, and pics with great scores and soundtracks. Philomusica also has a very hip and ever-growing selection of new vinyl LPs, specializing in classics and special editions across a wide variety of genres—and the turntables to play them on.


On the walls you’ll find fine art of the musical variety: showing now, the surreal delights of Marcel Flisiuk. And behind the blind of potted palms? The writing and production studio of J S Kingfisher, and the Muzoracle casting table. No, you don’t lie on it! The Muzoracle is a cards-and-dice invention for engaging the intuition and imagination through music—kind of a musical cross between Tarot and the I Ching. Kingfisher’s happy to give you a test drive—ask him. He also offers private readings with musical underscore—click here for details.


On your next stroll downtown, stroll on up to Philomusica—we’re just south of Alejo on Palm Canyon, in the Spanish courtyard of the Casa de Bellas Artes.