Muzoracle Casting and Narrative Musical Response


J S Kingfisher’s Muzoracle is a system for engaging the intuition through music and story. It consists of an 89-card deck and 13 twelve-sided dice. The cards are divided into suits based on instrument families, and instead of numbers contain harmonies; there are Compositional Cards as well, based on musical concepts, and Musician Cards based on, well... musicians.


Muzoracle castings are a unique experience. They are not predictive—there’s no fortune telling involved. Querents are instead called to creativity, to form responses to the music and images the Muzoracle generates. The result is empowering: querents leave a casting not with someone or something else’s narrative, but with something that belongs to them. The Muzoracle generates actual music, which can be heard online or interpreted on a musical instrument; the system works as well as a compositional tool. 


Jeff casts the Muzoracle for clients at Philomusica and via Skype or Facebook Messenger. Castings are recorded, and clients receive as well a finished recording of the music their casting inspired, plus a short report with photos (castings via Skype are recorded on video.) The Muzoracle system itself is also available for sale.