Swenakailo (swen-uh-KY-lo) is the art of bringing the body, mind, and spirit into balance through music. Inspiring, rejuvenating, and deeply relaxing, each Swenakailo session includes immersion in music tuned to the key of Life on Earth, sounded on custom quartz crystal instruments.


The practice of swenakailo was developed by composer J S Kingfisher. It differs from other sound healing techniques in three distinct ways: first, it engages the Muzoracle, Kingfisher's highly evolved system of dice, cards, and musical concepts. Second, the pitches and scales used are based on those found in Nature: the do (as in "do-re-mi"), the Root Chakra C, used in swenakailo is an octave of the fundamental Schumann Resonance, the ever-sounding pitch that rings between the Earth's surface and ionosphere; all life on Earth arises within this frequency. The other eleven notes of the system relate to this do according to natural law, creating extreme consonance: the result is palpable, unique, and extraordinary. Finally, swenakailo is a personalized musical experience, based on the client's Muzoracle casting and Kingfisher's compositional, intuitive response to it and them. 



What to expect. Swenakailo sessions begin with a short meditation and a Muzoracle casting, which engages the client’s intuition and imagination, and opens up areas within to be addressed. Clients then stretch out on a massage table surrounded by crystal bowls on four sides, with crystal pyramids above (there is no physical contact between practitioner and client.) Additionally, various bowls and bells are used, as well electronics and Kingfisher’s voice. Sessions run about an hour all in, sometimes a bit longer.


What to bring. Just yourselves—tea and spring water are provided. Loose comfy clothing is recommended.


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